You don't need years of experience to make a beautiful quilt

This one of a kind pattern will take you through the process step by step and show you the secrets to making something stunning for your home.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a warm and Comfy quilt?

This pattern and accompanying video class will teach you all you need to know to create a stunning Candor Stars quilt. We will go over the tools you will need, fabric selection, how to cut with a rotary cutter and ruler, and even how to make half square triangles the easy, no-trim, way.

As you sew with me through the class, I will show you how to fix any mistakes you may make and how to avoid others before they happen. Mostly I will be here to cheer you on in the process and give you the confidence you need to make something amazing!

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Hours of Coursework

You’ll Learn…

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How to cut fabric quickly and Efficiently

I will take you step by step how to cut your fabric, even if you have never used a rotary cutter before.

How to make Half Square triangles you Dont have to trim!

Traditional methods to make half square triangles can be tedius and include many, many steps. I will show you how to make half square triangles easily that are perfect every time, with no trimming step!

How to spin your seams to make your points sharp and the quilt top flat

Bulky seams can be hard to handle, so in the pattern and class I will show you how to press your seam so they spin and lay flat, keeping your quilt top nice and looking sharp.

every step is layed out visually,

so you'll understand exactly what to do

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Big blocks that are easy for Beginners

The Candor Stars Quilt is made up of large 24" or 36" blocks that are easy for beginners to sew. Larger blocks make it easier to learn and avoid mistakes, and make quite a statement!

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Unique Methods that save you time

Through the pattern and class I will teach you tricks that make your sewing time go farther. We will talk about specialty rulers and systems such as chain piecing that make your time at the sewing machine count.

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Get the tools you need

If you don't have a Half Square Triangle ruler, you can add one to your order and get it shipped to your door. Make sure to add the the 8 1/2" ruler if you want to make the Baby or King sizes.

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King, Queen, Throw, and Baby sizes included

Whatever size you want to make is covered in this pattern. Whether you are making a quilt for your bed or a gift for a special new addition, I've got you covered so you don't have to make any adjustements.

Are you ready to start Creating?

Take the first step and get the pattern to make something you will tresure for years to come!

Get Unlimited Access to All Lessons + the PDF Pattern

Only $19

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About the Designer

Hi Friend! My name is JaNean and I LOOVE making quilts. I have been creating for 13 years and find great joy in making things with fabric and thread. I have learned through trial and error what the best methods are for me and I want to pass on my skills and knowledge to you! I want to help you along the way and teach you the skills that will set you up for success for years to come. I am honored to be your teacher.

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